Thursday, April 24, 2014


Libwaps: Libertarians with appendages.

Libwaps are libertarians who believe that libertarianism should go beyond the non-aggression principle and advocate other positions. There can be both left-wing and right-wing libwaps.

Left-wing libwap Jeffrey Tucker explains his view:
I see within Students for Liberty the emergence of a new form of libertarianism—something more intellectually and strategically sophisticated than forms from the last century... here are some non-negotiables, and they aren’t only about the ban on the use of power. As an extension of the above point, this generation puts a premium on civilized thinking and behaving that includes absolute exclusion of bigotry in all its forms. Racist, sexist, and anti-gay attitudes are not only tacky, but embody the opposite of the tolerance that old liberalism identified as a main bulwark against State oppression. This necessarily means a special identity with groups that have been victims of State oppression and remain so in many parts if the world.
Pure libertarians object to this view on the grounds that this is a distortion of old liberalism views (SEE: Was Ludwig Von Mises a Feminist?) But, further, pure libertarians view the essence of libertarianism as being the non-aggression principle.

For example, Robert Wenzel writes:
Liberty is about liberty, nothing else. It is about freedom to think, say and write whatever one chooses, as long as one does not violate the non-aggression principle. It is about associating with those you want to associate with on your property and having the freedom to tell anyone you don't want to associate with to get the hell off your property.
This is so far from advocating for feminism, a man-hating, state-loving movement, that it is really hard to understand  how the two can be matched up in anyway. It is perversion of the worst kind.