Thursday, November 13, 2014

Outline for How to Become a Professional Libertarian Blogger and Make Between $30,000 and $250,000 a Year

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Professional Blogger Course, Part 2

Professional Blogger Course, Part 3

Professional Blogger Course, Part 4

Professional Blogger Course, Part 5

Professional Blogger Course, Part 6

Professional Blogger Course, Part 7

Professional Blogger Course, Part 8

> Question and Answers Part 1
The Awesomeness of Being a Professional Blogger

How Long Before You Start Making Serious Money as a Blogger
Early EPJ traffic  
The Big Picture Things You Need to Do

The Little Things You Need to Do

What Types of Stories to Write

The Stories that will Generate the Most Traffic
The Amazing Posts That Have Been Generating Traffic for Me for Years 
Chelsea Clinton NYC Apartment
How People Are Murdered in the United States
Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill
Do You Need to Write Scoops?

How to Get Scoops and Develop Sources that Will Put You on the Map If Your Blogging Topics Require Scoops
 How to Get a Job in the Obama Administration, If You Are Jewish
 Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Is Living Very, Very Large in Oakland, California
What to Do If You Are Writing from a Major City and What to Do If You Are Not

World Affairs Council
Council on Foreign Relations
Commonwealth Club
Milken Conference
White House Press--email
Treasury Press

Where to Find Amazing Ready-Made Headlines for Your Stories if You are a Poor Headline Writer (and why this is extremely important)

The Current Most Skilled Libertarian Bloggers--What You Can Learn from Their Web Sites

Web Sites that You Must Monitor Regularly that Are Run by Libertarian Pros and the Secrets of Their Success
Gary North 
James Altucher
Tom Woods
Lew Rockwell 
Robert Ringer
Business Insider
The Dish 

The First Steps I Took to Boost My Traffic-This MUST Be Done But Few New Bloggers Take These Steps
Free Republic WhatReallyHappenedZeroHedge 

The Many Serious Mistakes that Most Libertarian Bloggers Make That Doom Them From the Start
 The Secret Playbook of Internet Trolls: What’s Confusing You Is the Nature of their Game

Time Management: How to Blog All Day, Every Day, and Still Have a Life

How You Must Deal With Comments

How You Must Deal with Emails

My Love Hate Relationship with Google
  • Blogger (Google blogging platform)
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Search 
 How Google’s Latest “Panda” Algorithm Should Change Your Content Strategy
  • Google Analytics
 My Love Hate Relationship with Amazon
 Difference in Profit Selling Direct Rather Than Elsewhere
Five Ways to Generate Revenue as a Blogger 
How to Use a Blog to Sell Other Products 
The Stories that Will Generate the Most Revenue

The Drudge Formula