Wednesday, March 11, 2015

  1. Why did Rand Paul sign the Iran letter?
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  2. @JulieBorowski He's taking his base for granted, and he has some bad advice on the foreign policy front. Big mistake.
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  3. @JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski if you read the text of the letter, it's simply a statement of fact. Nothing evil in and of itself.
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  4. @LibertyPAC @JulieBorowski C'mon Jesse, you know as well as I do that this is designed to derail the talks. Which means war. Now that's evil
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  5. @JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski I understand your concern, but doesn't his vote against new sanctions greatly outweigh signing a letter?
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  6. .@LibertyPAC @JustinRaimondo Rand Paul deserves praise for voting against new sanctions.
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  7. @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC I've certainly praised him for that. But sanctions are irrelevant if we go to war with Iran as Cotton wants.
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  8. .@JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC Here's the weasel pretending that he signed the letter to "strengthen" Obama's hand in the talks
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  9. @scotthortonshow @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC He told Megyn Kelly he's for the talks. She grinned & said that's a unique view of letter. LOL
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  10. .@JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC @SenRandPaul is trying to be everything to everyone; ends up nothing to nobody.
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  11. .@JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC @SenRandPaul's father's most notable quality: honesty. Rand's: flippa-floppa, waffle, weasel.
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  12. @scotthortonshow @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC @SenRandPaul No need to get so personal Scott. It's enuff that he's wrong about his.
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  13. .@JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC No, the core of the problem is @SenRandPaul's fundamental dishonesty, ambition above all else.
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  14. .@JustinRaimondo @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC @SenRandPaul That's why I was correct when I told you all along he's going to keep getting worse
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  15. @scotthortonshow @JulieBorowski @LibertyPAC He was actually getting better. & now this. I blame his advisors.
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