Monday, April 25, 2016


Cliometrics sometimes called new economic history, or econometric history, neohistoricals , is the systematic application of economic theory, econometric techniques, and other formal or mathematical methods to the study of history (especially, social and economic history).It is a quantitative (as opposed to qualitative or ethnographic) approach to economic history. The term cliometrics comes from Clio, who was the muse of history, and was originally coined by the mathematical economist Stanley Reiter in 1960.

In October 1993, the Swedish National Bank awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics to Robert William Fogel and Douglass Cecil North "for having renewed research in economic history." The Academy noted that "they were pioneers in the branch of economic history that has been called the 'new economic history,' or cliometrics."

Fogel is often described as the father of modern econometric history

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